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Pine 1x6 T&G Flooring

Pine 1x6 T&G Flooring

1 Bundle

  • 640 SQFT
  • 10'
  • 1x6 T&G Flooring

    • 1 x 6 x 10'

    • Tongue & Groove Profile

    • Our tongue and groove profile is an inudustry-leading design that features a special notch above the tongue for easy tongue-nailing, and also has slighty wedge-shaped, matching tongue and groove pairs (as opposed to standard rectangular tongue and groove) for easier pairing of boards. Other manufacturers use a flat tongue and a flat groove which means more friction and more difficulty for you when trying to put their boards together. 

    • Kiln Dried so it won't warp or cup 

    • Knotty Southern Yellow Pine

    • #2 Grade or better (few loose knots. You may need to cut out a knot here and there in a board)

    • Works for walls, ceilings, and also exterior siding with stain or seal

    • Ready for sanding and finish

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