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V-Joint is our most popular product and is commonly used in tiny homes, cabins, mancaves, she-sheds, remodeling projects, new construction, and additions. More durable than drywall, our Southern Yellow Pine V-Joint is locally sourced, all-natural, durable, and easy-to-install. 

Name meaning: the word "V-Joint" describes how two boards come together to form a "V" shaped notch where the boards join. V-Joint boards, also known as V-Groove panels, are commonly used for accent walls, bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets, furniture, and arts & crafts projects.

We offer two varieties: BLUESTAIN V-Joint, and BRIGHT YELLOW V-JointBoth options are economical and offer the same performance in terms of strength, insulating R-Value, and ease of installation. Southern yellow pine accepts a coat of paint or lacquer very readily, or can be installed as-is. Sanding is an optional depending on your preference.

Eastern Aromatic Cedar

Visually stunning with red hues and deep lines, Eastern Aromatic Cedar serves as the ground

material for closets. If you are looking to create a different look, you can introduce yellow pine

V-Joint panels.

However, Cedar should be used for furniture resting inside the living space, as it can oxidize and

leave behind a silvery-gray stain when exposed to sunlight for long.

Benefits of V-Joint:

  • Imparts added stability to a structure

  • Serves as the perfect base for wood adhesives

  • Simple to create and put to use

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