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Pine V- Joint & Shiplap | Oak - Pine Flooring | and More...

Custom Cut Millwork Team


Warm. Cozy. Inviting. Experience Custom Cut Millwork.


When looking to transform your living space, nothing beats the grandeur of custom moulding. The best of custom-cut lumber for V-joint tongue and groove boards comes with endless possibilities.

Products & Services

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Let Us Know What You Need

Choose Your Aesthetic

Whether it’s new home decor or restoration, wood is the best choice to elevate the ambiance of living spaces. From antique and rustic to ultra-modern picks, ours is a range of niche offerings to make things stand out.

Beautiful Designs. Functional Outlook. Worth Every Penny.

Check out our exclusive portfolio of works across lumber, trailer decking, and home decor. Whether it’s a new build or remodeling for your living space, going with custom woodwork has its own perks compared to pre-designed fixtures. 


From adding to curb appeal, top-notch workmanship, locally sourced quality raw materials, and longevity, custom woodwork is simply the best that money can buy.

Lumber Solutions

Top-grade lumber, in the shape of Pine and Oak paneling that adorns your ceilings and walls, embodies style, elegance, and effortless warmth. Pine & Oak as a choice of wood adds to your sense of well-being and is known to lower cold levels. You will be amazed to discover how much you enjoy living in a space that has a touch of Pinewood or Oak.

Trailer Decking

From mini-utility trailers to a full-fledged fleet of flatbeds, Custom Cut Millwork can help deliver the perfect decking solutions that repel rot, dust, and decay.

Home Decor Solutions

Highly functional and versatile home decor solutions that match your mood, taste, and budget. With Pinewood V-joint at the center of every design, one can always expect the finest workmanship, dimensional stability, and longevity.

V-Joint Bundle Custom Cut Millwork

Why Choose Us?

Your Vision. Our Work. A Winning Combination!

At Custom Cut Millwork, we put customers' needs ahead of everything. Following the initial discussion, we take time to understand your needs and explore the possibilities to deliver the best solution. Woodwork is a work of art and we are always ready to walk the extra mile to delight you with our work.

  •  Unique, custom lumber dimensions

  •  Affordable rates for homeowners

  •  Flexibility across order sizes

  •  Always meeting deadlines

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Are you looking for something specific?

Get in touch with our customer service team today and get a free estimate for your wooden

flooring and paneling need. You can also call us to schedule a visit to check the finished product

before delivery and check out our workshop.

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